Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steve Jobs says He Will "Change the World"

     The new iPad, apple's latest product, is due to release in 60 days. A tablet computer that will connect to the internet through WiFi or a contract with ATT, the iPad appears to be like an over-sized iPod Touch. The iPad weighs 1.5 lbs and is 0.5" thick. Apple reports that it will be able to access regular App Store games, and they plan on introducing a new literature version of iTunes. Users will be able to shop for and read books directly on the tablet, to rival Amazon's Kindle. The iPad will have a 10 hour battery life. It is set to be priced at $499.
     Tom's personal opinion? If you are really interested in it, wait for the next version, as it will undoubtedly be better, and this one lacks a flash player.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Super Bowl XLIV Win a Trip to Monkey Island Contest!

     Yes! You heard right! You, dear reader, can win an all new, sparkling Tales of Monkey Island season code, redeemable at Telltale Games! Ribs and IcedHope don't know I'm doing this so don't spoil it! All you have to do is answer one tiny little question; who will win Super Bowl XLIV? The teams competing for the title of world champions are the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints.
     We will take all the entrants with the correct team, and put them in a drawing. The winner with get a spiffy new code, good for one copy of Tales of Monkey Island for the PC. Just email your predictions to If you guess the correct score, you'll get an extra chance in the drawing! If we think you are using more than one email, or anything else to unfairly increase your chances of winnings, you will be banned from all future contests until further notice. Good luck, and may it be a great game!

Games, Gold, and Glory is in no way affiliated with the NFL, Super Bowl XLIV, CBS, or Telltale Game.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Who is Icedhope?

Who is Icedhope?

That question has been passed around as one of the greatest mysteries of the last 24 years of his life. But, alas, now you will know him. He is the newest writer to GGG, and he has done almost amazing things. He served in the Iraq war. Has been active in playing video games for over 21 years, and may have killed a man over a dish of Tapioca pudding*. Some of his favorite games; Everything Sam & Max, Resident Evil, Killer Insinct, Mortal Kombat , Monkey Island, and, last but not least, Lassie…err.. I mean Final Fantasy 1-9. The list goes on, but believe me, and who ever lays upon this. He is truly amazing,** or at least a sight to be witnessed. He has written a review on Brutal Legend, and is currently working on his Uncharted 1&2 for a special double review.

*Did not actually kill a man over tapioca pudding, just made him regret grabbing the last snack pack.

**Not quite as awesome as Tom. But at least was around, when the NES was first launched.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Games, Gold, and Glory Biweekly What's Update! 1/19/10

Hey there, all of our loyal readers that we adore so much here at GGG. Well, except for you, Phil. But, anyway, I'm Ribs and I'm here to give you an update on what's happening around the so-called office. Tom is currently deciding what game he should review next (if you have any ideas, email them to or and I believe Icedhope is considering his next review as well, as he just finished his stellar Brütal Legend review, which may be read here. I am putting the finishing touches on my Left 4 Dead review, and then I'll be getting straight to work on Left 4 Dead 2. Also, in the near future, expect an article by yours truly on the state of the Adventure Game genre since it's death approximately ten years ago and it's zombie-like ressurection about five years ago. In addition, we have a continuation of our first giveaway. For a chance to win Tales of Monkey Island for the PC, just use the new retweet system to retweet our initial giveaway tweet and you'll be set! The code'll be sent off as soon as we hit 75 followers, and we are sure that we'll reach that sometime in the next few weeks, using an expert formula of math and science molding together. Anyway, just keep reading for more giveaways, we're still here!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brutal Legend Review

Ah, hello fellow head bangers, and button mashers.It is time for a review that will, no doubt rock the ages.This review as many of have been told about by The Ribs.Is of the latest Tim Schafer game Brütal Legend, now as many of you know.Tim Schafer has created and worked on some of the greatest games known to man. Such as Full Throttle, Psychonauts, and now Brütal Legend.This game is nothing short of a Legend! I'll start out with the story. You play as Eddie Riggs (Named after Eddie of Iron Maiden.)

Eddie is a roadie for the band Kabbage Boy.(A Nu Metal Type Band.)

After an accident, you are summoned to a land of METAL! (Insert heavy metal scream)It turns out you were summoned to this land to save it from The Evil Emperor Doviculus,who has this weird obsession with bondage, but thats okay. ( At least to some sick perverts out there.)

So quickly, after your summoned to the land of metal your introduced to your AXE! (Metal Scream) Where you proceed to beat up the bad guys, and learn that you infact need to save the land. Now, at the beginning of the game your quickly introduced to combat, and how to utilize your guitar to summon spells and to cast pain upon the enemies. In conjunction with your axe, now this is indeed a fun part of the game, and the combat is simple. You press buttons, hit the enemies, hit another couple of buttons, and, well, you did a combo. The game play is very simplistic, but that adds to the fun of this game. But can and will get very tedious, and the fact that when you get farther into the game, that you have to deal with RTS elements, and the simplistic combat.

Now before I go on about graphics and sound, I want to take the time and criticize the gameplay a bit. Now I don't have too big of a problem with the gameplay, but there are some flaws. If the developer would have stuck to one form of gameplay, it would have been perfect. Not that the RTS was a problem it was an interesting touch, but it gets so confusing and irritating. For the first three hours or so, you have the regular combat system, and then you switch over to the RTS where not only are you with your troops fighting enemies, but commanding them. There is a lot of switching between warrior and commander, and that gets a little tedious and annoying and also upgrading your units, I think it's too much for just one scenario let alone the rest of the game. But in a way it also adds to the fun.

Now on to the Graphics of the game. The graphic I feel for this game are beautiful, but italso feels like the original Xbox in way, that not much tweaking. Also they seem to be a bit glitchy, some times the frame rate will drop or the scene will jump for a bit, it's not much or not really all that noticible but you can catch it, if you watching a cutscene, and I feel it's a bit of a distraction from the game. Those are the only flaws I experienced with the presentation.Now, onto my favorite part of this game, the sound. Yes, I know you'd think the gameplay, and the graphics. BUT YOU ARE WRONG! Wow...that was a little Brütal, I'm sorry... But, in all seriousness, this is something I have almost no complaints about. The voice acting in this game is primo. Double Fine really took the time, and found the best actors possible for this game, such as Jack Black and Jennifer Hale. Also included in the voice acting are some of the greatest legends in Heavy Metal history. Which, in my opinion, really adds to the atmosphere of the game. The soundtrack is something that really, really pulled me into the world, it has all the greatest Heavy Metal bands from the 80's 90's. Including Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, and Manowar.

This game is a definite for any heavy metal, Tim Schaffer, and Video Game fans out there.

Anyone who loves, music, humor, and just Bad-Assery will love and enjoy this

game. And, now for the score...

(Insert Heavy

Metal Drum Roll)

Gameplay~ 8/10

Graphics~ 8/10


Final score 9.2

Remember Friends,

Play Hard. Game Hard!

Games, Gold, and Glory has no affiliation with Double Fine in any way, shape, or form. For more information regarding Brütal Legend, visit

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Tales Of Monkey Island!

Games, Gold, and Glory is proud to announce that we are holding our first giveaway! Our inaugural prizes are activation codes for the PC version of Tales of Monkey Island! How do you enter? Excellent Question! To enter, send an email to gamesgoldandglory[at] with the subject line 'Tales of Monkey Island Giveaway'. In that email, answer the contest question to the best of your ability. The question is: In our temporary logo, which may be found here, there are three fonts taken directly from games. Send an email with what any of those fonts are, each correct guess is worth one entry. Also, include the name of the hero of the Monkey Island series' wife, so we can make sure you are worthy of the very piratey prize! Emails will be accepted until the thirteenth of January, 2010, at 5 o' clock EST.

Stuck? Our only hint is these may all be found in games available on the Xbox 360! Good luck, GGGites!

Prize Details: Five Winners will recieve a code for the full Tales of Monkey Island series. The code may be redeemed on the Telltale Games official website. The contest prize is worth $34.95.

Entrants may only submit one email, and if they are deemed guilty of account fraud to earn the games, they shall be banned from all future giveaways unless they are told otherwise.

Thanks to Telltale Games for providing us with the codes to hold our contest! To see our review of Tales of Monkey Island, visit

The Games, Gold, and Glory Biweekly What's Update! 1/5/10

Hey there, true believers! Ribs here, and I'm here to dish out all the GGG (or as the cool kids call it, G³) news and need-to-know! First up, we've got a few reviews in the oven. Starting things off, Icedhope will be writing his first feature for us, a review of the Tim Schafer game Brütal Legend. Secondly, coming early next week, I'll be releasing my Left 4 Dead review! Tom just released his Counter Strike review yesterday, so he hasn't yet came back with a decision as to what he is reviewing. On the flip side, within a few days we will be holding our first giveaway ever! The only hint as to what this mystery game is? I, myself, have given it away in the past. Until next time, GGG readers!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Counterstrike-Condition Zero Review

GGG readers, I come to you today with a review of a game I failed to finish; Counterstrike Condition Zero. A fairly addicting game, for a while. It plays like a Flash game, and is not worth paying for. I would not call it a bad game. Far from it. I enjoyed playing it. I just could have played a game extremely similar online and for free. I had the desire to win, and the challenges were tough. I liked how you didn't just have to beat the terrorists, but also had to kill two of them with a sniper, or whatever the sub-challenge was. Condition Zero was a very repetitive game, just the same two missions over and over; stop them from blowing up the bomb, and save the hostages. This game does not earn my recommendation. It was fun, but not worth the price.
Overall Grade
Playability- 8.5/10 stars
Fun- 7/10 stars
Repeatability- 6.5/10 stars
Memorability- 3.5/10 stars
Overall- 6.375/10 stars (Average...)