Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Final Fantasy III? VI? Eh, call it what you will Review.

Back in the year 1994, I was a mere 11, and I had one of my favorite systems infront of me. "What?" you ask and I shall tell you. It was my Super Nintendo.

Now, I remember this quite exactly. I had done all my chores for the day, and I had helped my mom clean my house, which means it was present time.

So, my dad took me to a toy store, where I found a game that caught my eye, the box read 'Final Fantasy III'.

Now, when I got home, I attacked the game box as only a child shall, and put the game into the SNES, and at this time, I was spell bound to the game. The rich story, the beautiful music, and, well, one of my favorite female characters ever, Terra.

But now, on to the story.

The story takes place in a steampunkish setting, a mix with the vicotorian era, and the beginning of industrial, with a little bit of fantasy thrown in...I know right?

Fantasy in a Final Fantasy game?

The opening credits play, and we see three magitek suits marching towards a little town called Nashe, and the music that plays is beautiful, it gets to me everytime. As the suits start marching they are met with resistance members from Nashe, and you are introduced to the combat system. Which I still think should be in Final Fantasy games, in my opinion it's the best Turn-based combat in the series. It combines turn base, and button actions, which have a soft spot in my heart.

Well to move a little farther into the story you learn that magic has been declared dead. Your character is the only one that can use it, and you find out later why. This is when you meet the villain Kefka, who I personally believe to be the best final fantasy villain ever. Yes even better than Sephiroth. With out giving too much of the story away.

You quickly learn of Kefka's plans, and your party forms, and you set off in one of the epic quests that have bestowed on Final Fantasy ever.

Final Fantasy III/VI has to be my personal favorite, and I know some you are asking " Why the hell isn't Seven your favorite?" Well, I do like seven and it's a good game. But, to me it lacks what six brought us. An epic story, character bondings, and, well, something most games haven't had in a real long time, a villain you can hate.

I know a lot of people are asking "Where can I find it?" Well, it's a rare game now, as it was on the SNES, and if you go on Amazon you're looking to fork over at least $100. I know, thats steep, right? But do not fear, fellow FF lovers, you can find the GBA version for about 30 and it's essentialy the same game, but with a few tweaks and, if you ask me, and even if you can't find it...I suggest you look for the PSX version, which is the most widely available at used game stores and it comes with FFV too! You can usually find that for about twenty, and now dear readers I must part from this lovely story for which I have told you, and now I must go and work on something new and grand for this wonderful site we have called Games, Gold, and Glory.

Take Care readers, and remember to Game On!

*To me it will be Three but I know some of people insist it be called six, and I leave it to each their own. 


......Kelvin 6, do you read?

Waiting for response...

> I'm here, Newton 13. Do you have a status update?

Oh, thank the lord. I was afraid it worked.

Waiting for response...

>What do you mean, Newton 13? The time portal?

Yes, sir. I thought it worked, I was sure of it!

Waiting for response...

>Clarify, Newton! What led you to believe this?

There are new Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Pokemon, and Command and Conquer games all coming out!

Waiting for response...

>That's not out of the ordinary, Newton. Sequels are oh-so-common these days.

That's just it, sir! They're all coming out within the timespan of week!

Waiting for response...

>God save us all. We need to recruit some talented writers to interpret if these series are worth resurrecting.

Well, I do have a friend, Icedhope 11, who can handle some of it. Then there's this mysterious disappearing person named Tom...

Waiting for response...

>What about you, Newton? Why don't you do it?

Well, sir, to do that, I would need to have a less ridiculous name.

Waiting for response...

>It's nice to see you on the team, Ribs. Let's go write some reviews.

I said less ridiculous.