Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Games, Gold, and Glory Biweekly What's Update! 2/16/10

Why, hello there again! This is Ribs with the lowdown on this throwdown! We here at GGG have been amazingly busy with thousands* of emails coming in from developers all around the world! I am (finally) going to put up my Left 4 Dead review this week, after weeks of planning. Tom is busy being our supreme overlord (Editor's Note: ALL HAIL TOM), but if you have an idea for a story or would like to hook us up with review copies, hit him/us up at gamesgoldandglory@yahoo.com. Icedhope is cracking away at that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune review, but be sure to check out his interview with Vince Desi of Running With Scissors. We also have our biggest giveaway yet, that ends tommorow as opposed to today due to an unspecified retail game store chain's error. We are also in the planning stage of something bigger, better, and more badass for next month. We're still alive (most of us are, anyway)!

*Number not accurate.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Iced vs Aliens vs Predator: Giveaway.

So here it is, everyone else has been giving stuff away and I do too. Well at least I think... Yes, yes I do..alright here we go!

I will be giving away one copy of AvP and AvP classic.

Alright, this is all you guys have to do. This Tuesday will be the release of Aliens vs Predator, and since I'm a huge fan of both franchises, this is my little present to you guys; I am awesome.

So here is how you enter: on Tuesday night I will be playing a deathmatch. I won't tell you guys what I'll be playing as, 'cause then you all might laugh. I digress, so here is what you have to do; during this deathmatch, guess what species will be first. That's it. Easy as cake! And If you win, you will get one copy of Rebellion's new game, AvP! That's easy, right? Second place winner will receive a copy of AvP Classic, so you can still have some old school fun.

Now remember all you have to do is email us, and guess what species will be in first place. If you forgot the email address, you reply with your picks at Twitter.



*The Copy of AvP will be purchased through Steam and Gifted to the winner.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Interview With a Vampire Vince Desi

I've decided for my next post I wanted to bring something new to GGG. What better than to have an Interview with someone who has had a positive effect on the gaming industry as we know it. May I Introduce Vince Desi, founder and CEO of Running With Scissors, and he created one of the funnest games of all time. Yes that's right.

Now if any of you are to young to remember Postal, I suggest you pay a visit to www.RunningWithScissors.com and pick up a copy of the original and it's sequel Postal 2. I personally have fallen in love with the series, through my own issues and it has helped me through a lot of troubles I deal with, No more on that. Here I present you with a Interview with one of the most innovative game developers around Vince Desi; Creator of Postal.

IcedHope: Before running with scissors, you were head of Ridel Soft Ware Production, the company that made one of my favorite games, Spy vs Spy, and various Sesame Street titles. When did you decide to start making more mature-themed video games?
Vince Desi: By the mid nineties we were in Tucson, AZ and exhausted from all the kid games, so we decided to make our own fantasy game, and POSTAL was born
IcedHope:When Postal made it's debut in '97, there were a lot of big wigs in Washington, especially Senator Lieberman pushing for this game to be banned because of its violent content. Did you know then that you had created one of the most popular franchises in computer gaming history?
Vince Desi: When I got a call from someone identifying themselves as a Special Agent of the Justice Dept, aka FBI, I knew we hit a nerve, but still never thought it would become the media firestorm that followed.
Icedhope: What were some of the thoughts when creating the first Postal game?
Vince Desi: Just FUN, make a game that played fast, shot everything, without regret J and I love fire since I was a kid, so in many ways a lot of the themes and content reflect the members of RWS.
Icedhope:Have any of these thoughts continued to the sequel and soon to be released Postal III?
Vince Desi: Naturally they do, mainly because our inspiration comes from our personal lives, so as we get older, evolve, so do our ideas and they find their way into POSTAL during development.
I have also noticed from early screen shots that Postal III will be in the third person, or will it be a mixture of both third and first person perspectives?
Third Person. We experimented with a lot of new techniques, and concluded that for the best gameplay its what made sense.
Icedhope: One final question. Postal III will this game be distribuited through just the PC or All gaming consoles?
Vince Desi: PC and 360 for sure. I’d love to do Wii and PS3 but we’ll have to see how that goes.

Thank you Vince for chatting.

Now remember kiddies, if you want all the information, and want to purchase the games, remember to check out wwww.RunningWithScissors.com for everything Postal.

Games, Gold, and Glory is not affiliated with Running With Scissors.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Games, Gold, and Glory Biweekly What's Update! 2/2/10

Howdy, folks, and a merry Groundhog's Day to you! We would like to give you the low down on what's happening here at the metaphorical offices! It has been a busy few weeks for me (Ribs), but I'll be back with a vengeance soon enough. I'm putting the final touches on my L4D review, then I'll work on my article, then another review! Tiring, I know but someone's got to do it! Word on the street is resident GGG founder Tom is planning a review and doing his best to keep you in the know of technological news. (Still, if you have anything you want Tom to review, send it to gamesgoldandglory@yahoo.com) Icedhope is currently following a similar schedule to me, he is writing a review, an article, and he may even have an interview coming up sometime in the next few large amounts of time. This is the time where I am forced to I would like to give a mention to our contest, which Tom is running, based on the good old American pasttime of knittin- what's that? It's NOT a knitting contest? It's a- blech- FOOTBALL contest? Who would have thought? Simply visit the giveaway post and submit an email for your spiffy new code! We also have a bonus giveaway, first one to comment with their email address wins a copy for Tales of Monkey Island! Get cracking! That's all for this two week period, but be back soon for more giveaway goodness!