Wednesday, July 7, 2010


...Kelvin 6, do you read?

Waiting for Response...

> I'm here, Newton 13. Do you have a Status Update?

Oh, thank the lord, I was afraid it worked.

Waiting for Response...

> What do you mean, Newton 13, the alternate dimensions that aren't really purgatory portal?

Yes sir! I thought it worked, I was sure of it!

Waiting for Response...

> Clarify, Newton! What led you to believe this?

Games, Gold, and Glory seems different than it has been!

Waiting for Response...

> What in the World? I see what you mean. It looks totally different! It's as if... no... this can't be true! That's impossible!

Kelvin, are you all right? Kelvin? KEEEEEEEEEELVIN?!?

To be continued...

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